Graduation Party

Celebrate Your Graduation with Sky-High Success at!

Hey there, future world-changers and go-getters!

Forget about stuffy ballrooms and predictable dinner parties. It’s time to kick off your post-academic life with a high-flying adventure at Wings Academy, Singapore’s premier flight simulator centre! 🚀

Feel the G-forces

Imagine swapping your graduation cap for a flight suit as you climb into the cockpit of our F18 Hornet or F16 Viper Simulator!

🛩️ Feel the G-forces and the adrenaline rush as you take to the skies in true Top Gun style!

Or how about mastering the art of hovering in our Robinson R22 Helicopter Simulator? 🚁

Or maybe you’d prefer to take a slow scenic flight throught downtown Singapore in our Cessna 172 Flight Simulator?

THE venue for graduation parties

🛫 And for those ready to soar to new heights, we’ve got the Boeing 737-800 Simulator with both engines started and ready for takeoff – waiting to challenge your inner airline pilot desires. 🌐

Whatever your fancy, is THE venue for graduation parties that’ll set the bar sky-high for all your future celebrations. 🎓

So, come on, all you high-flyers!

It’s time to take your graduation party to the next level with an experience you and your pals will never forget. 🎊

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